Nutanix on IBM Power

Simplicity meets performance. Finally.


Combining IBM Power Servers with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software.

If you are running IBM Power Systems, you’re already benefiting from servers built for the most demanding, data-intensive computing on earth, with industry leading reliability and security. IBM Hyperconverged Systems combine these benefits with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software to provide an infrastructure that is easy to manage and simple to scale. With years of experience in IBM Power Systems, Applied Technologies will partner with you to realise a high-performance enterprise infrastructure.

IBM and Nutanix have partnered to deliver a new and altogether different hyperconverged solution. Rather than using Intel processors, the IBM Hyperconverged Systems are built on IBM POWER technology to offer unmatched performance. Coupled with the one-click simplicity of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software, these appliances are uniquely well-suited to handle the most intense data-crunching workloads such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and advanced analytics.

Initially encompassing two platforms, the CS821 model for high density applications and the CS822 model ideal for high performance workloads. The respective base servers are the familiar IBM S821LC and IBM S822LC, have up to 512 GB of memory per system, all flash storage, and include Nutanix’s built-in AHV Hypervisor.

As IBM Power Servers deliver 80% more performance on average than x86-based servers, IBM Hyperconverged Systems target your most demanding transactional and cognitive analytics workloads with an infrastructure that is easy to manage and simple to scale. Don’t rip and replace your existing infrastructure to transform your business—just put your most data intensive workloads on the servers that were born to run them.

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IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix

The IBM Hyperconverged Systems use Nutanix Acropolis software, a turnkey infrastructure platform that delivers enterprise-class storage, compute, and native virtualization services to run nearly any application. As a fully integrated IT solution, it eliminates the cost and complexity of legacy datacenter technologies that are individually deployed and separately managed.

Acropolis includes a built-in virtualization solution AHV, built on proven opensource KVM technology. AHV includes all the core virtualization capabilities that enterprises need, such as:

  • Automated high availability (HA) to failover virtual machines across the entire cluster
  • Resource Scheduling – Intelligent placement of virtual machines based on resource requirements
  • Contention Avoidance – Automated resource contention avoidance using machine learning and historical analysis
  • Software defined virtual networking
  • Live migration of virtual machines
  • Integrated IP address management and DHCP capabilities
  • Converged backup and DR – including DR to other hypervisors
  • Unlimited scale to support clusters of all sizes


Nutanix brought a better platform. Easier to manage, better integrated, and able to scale much higher than any other platform out there today.

Lev Goronshteyn, CTO at CarePoint Health System


Your Premier Technology Partner with IBM Power skills in house…

Applied Technologies are IBM Power Systems Partners, with the combined skills and experience necessary to deliver a successful transition to an IBM Hyperconverged infrastructure.

  • Design fully validated by IBM & Nutanix
  • Sized & configured for your exact environment
  • Pre & Post-sales support

Applied Technologies have the technical and commercial knowledge to allow clients to make an informed decision about implementing an IBM Hyperconverged solution, offering guidance at all times.

  • Gold IBM Power Systems Partner
  • 25+ Years supplying IBM Solutions

Applied Technologies have extensive converged infrastructure experience; delivering solutions that centralise management, consolidate systems, increase resource-utilisation and lower costs.

  • Detailed technology and cost analysis
  • Managed transition to a Hyperconverged Infrastructure

IBM Hyperconverged Systems are built on IBM POWER technology

IBM Power Servers deliver 80% more performance on average than x86-based servers


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