Cisco HyperFlex

Engineered on Cisco UCS to deliver complete hyperconvergence.


Superior performance with simplified deployment

Cisco have developed their HyperFlex solution as a single datacentre architecture based on their revolutionary UCS computing nodes. Bringing the same Cisco UCS Manager policy automation capabilities, deployment and expansion processes both use service profiles to simplify daily operations, offer infrastructure consistency and bring Cisco reliability across the datacentre. Applied Technologies have vast experience in all aspects of HyperFlex – particularly Cisco UCS – and appreciate that this complete solution offers a robust platform with familiar Cisco components.

Cisco HyperFlex

Cisco HyperFlex Systems deliver complete hyperconvergence, combining computing, storage, and networking resources into a simplified, easy-to-use platform. Engineered on the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), Cisco HyperFlex systems deliver the agility, scalability, and pay-as-you-grow economics of the cloud, but with the benefits of on-premises infrastructure.

The HyperFlex platform includes hybrid or all-flash configurations, an integrated network fabric, and powerful data optimization features that bring the full potential of hyperconvergence to a wide range of workloads and use cases. Cisco’s solution is faster to deploy, simpler to manage, and easier to scale than the current generation of systems, providing you with a unified pool of infrastructure resources to power applications as your business needs dictate.

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Check out the latest Cisco HyperFlex innovations…

Cisco Accelerates Multicloud IT with HyperFlex Platform Innovations

Cisco HyperFlex HX 3.0: more than a software release.

Cisco have recently announced their latest version of HyperFlex software – HX 3.0 – which comes with many innovations across the stack to help customers realise a true multi-cloud platform. The simplest, but possibly most considerable improvement is the support for Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor, along with a prepackaged Kubernetes platform for containerised application deployment.

HyperFlex gives you everything you need to deploy virtualised, cloud and multicloud applications, but the new tools available in HX 3.0 help you do it better. CloudCenter simplifies self-service deployment by helping to define how an application is to be structured and then deploys it in a Cisco HyperFlex cluster, a public cloud, or a multicloud environment. This eliminates the complexity of having to adapt to
different public cloud models, making it easy to deploy and move applications based on changing business, workload, or economic factors.

HyperFlex with CloudCenter and AppDynamics software gives you complete multicloud lifecycle management. It combines the decision engine of Cisco Workload Optimization Manager with the deployment engine of Cisco CloudCenter. The AppDynamics platform adds instrumentation and performance monitoring to help continuously evaluate your deployment decisions for excellent application performance.

Cisco HyperFlex systems also offer you a choice of management tools to suit your existing environment. Cisco Intersight, a cloud-based interface, gives you instant access to all of your clusters — including installation capabilities — regardless of where they are located. This means that you can ship your nodes to the facility of your choosing and install them remotely. High-level resource inventory and status is provided by the Intersight dashboard, with drill down into specific clusters and nodes provided by Cisco HyperFlex Connect. HyperFlex Connect is an intuitive, data center-hosted management tool giving you access to all cluster features through any device, anywhere.

Along with all these new features, Cisco has continued to develop Cisco Validated Designs for applications including Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and both Citrix and VMware virtual desktop environments. And as you would expect from Cisco, in addition to the built-in security of the HyperFlex platform are new security tools such as Cisco ACI, Cisco ASA and Cisco Stealthwatch.

, giving users Designed with an end-to-end software-defined infrastructure approach, the HyperFlex platform eliminates the compromises found in other hyperconverged products. It combines software-defined computing using Cisco UCS servers, software-defined storage using the powerful Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform software, and software-defined networking using Cisco unified fabric, which integrates smoothly with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI). With hybrid or all-flash configurations, Cisco HyperFlex systems deliver a preintegrated cluster that is up and running in an hour or less and that scales resources independently to closely match your application resource needs.

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Cisco HyperFlex Systems - Go inside Complete Hyperconvergence



For more information on the Cisco HyperFlex Multicloud Platform, download this Solution Brief


Having experienced a demo session with Cisco, we were blown away by the architectural simplicity of the UCS and how it could significantly improve performance, management and provisioning. Our infrastructure specialist, Applied Technologies, took care of the whole process – design, validation, supply and implementation – and the results have been way beyond our expectations. Our whole infrastructure has been transformed.

Andy Wortley, Ashtead Plant Hire


Your Premier Technology Partner with Cisco UCS skills in house…

Applied Technologies are Cisco Partners, offering the skills and experience necessary to deliver a successful transition to a Hyperconverged solution.

  • Design fully validated by Cisco to match your workload
  • Ability to adapt quickly to any changes in priorities

Applied Technologies have the technical and commercial knowledge to allow clients to realise the full benefit of Cisco HyperFlex.

  • Select Business Partner
  • 10+ Years supplying Cisco Solutions
  • In-house technical expertise

Applied Technologies have extensive infrastructure experience; delivering solutions that centralise management, consolidate systems, increase resource-utilisation and lower costs.

  • Visible cost reduction and lower TCO
  • Managed transition to Hyperconverged Infrastructure

The next generation of hyperconvergence is here.

Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series – complete software-defined infrastructure engineered on the Cisco UCS platform.


Cisco HyperFlex

Not all hyperconverged solutions are created equal. Watch this deep dive video to understand just how easy the Cisco HyperFlex is to provision and manage….

ESG Lab Validation White Paper

Download this ESG Lab Validation white paper to learn about how Cisco HyperFlex outperforms other hyperconverged vendor solutions in terms of scalability, IOPs and latency.


Understanding the benefits of Cisco’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure


Reduction in Provisioning Times


World-Record Application Performance Benchmarks


Reduction of Ongoing Management Costs


Reduction in Infrastructure Costs


Reduction in Cabling


Reduction of Power & Cooling Costs


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